The Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) is designed and manufactured by the Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT) which is also the parent company for Mobi Trikes.

The Mission of  BUV is “Providing Hope, Connecting People, and Transforming Lives”.  

The Vision is … “to create rural transport solutions which allow the poor to thrive in Africa and beyond”. 



Click HERE to see the BUV Brochure. (Print on legal paper double sided.)


Click to watch these BUV Videos:
BUV Tanzania
BUV Kenya


For more information, go to drivebuv.org OR contact:

Will Austin,  Founder / Director
Institute for Affordable Transportation / BUV – Indianapolis, IN
Website:  drivebuv.org
Email:  will.austin@drivebuv.org;
Cell:  317-213-1088