Your order of a MOBI Hauler starts by contacting Ron Lively at 615-238-4035 (text is ok) or by any of these email addresses:




The price of the MOBI Hauler is $3995 plus tax and shipping costs.

Discounts are possible for large orders.

We offer a MOBI Kit for parents and educators.  Call for the price of our Mobi Kit.   Allow extra time for shipping.

Important:  50% of your total order is due at the time of the order and the remaining 50% is due prior to shipping date.

Make checks payable to “Institute for Affordable Transportation” and mail to the TN Mobi Trikes office:
Institute for Affordable Transportation
2750 Hanover Drive
Thompson’s Station, TN  37179

Call Ron at 615-238-4035 for more information or to use our Paypal account for your payment.