MOBI Hauler

The MOBI Trike is a economical electric utility tricycle (eTrike) that is designed and assembled in the USA.  We call it the “MOBI Hauler”.

As an electric hybrid vehicle, the MOBI is ideal for college campuses, manufacturing factories, campgrounds, retirement communities, zoos and many commercial or personal applications ideally on flat hard surfaces. The STEM Programs throughout the USA are also a market for the MOBI Kits.

The MOBI can be a suitable transport solution for certain disabled persons.  In addition to the USA market, we expect it to become a valuable asset for entrepreneurs in market towns in Africa that have access to dependable electricity.

In addition to the weight of the rider, MOBI can haul over 300 pounds of cargo and the cargo bed can be modified to fit your needs.

Our new model has heavy duty disk brakes, larger hub motor, more battery capacity, and larger tires.  We have added a 7-speed pedal assist feature which will provide assistance throughout the speed range. The battery power drive has 3 speeds.

Here is an image of the rear disk brakes (both wheels):

Mobi Trikes is a new division of the Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT) with a factory in Indianapolis.  IAT designed and manufactures the Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) that is ideally suited for off-road utility applications in Africa, Haiti, etc.  You can learn more at our BUV page or at

Mobi (short for Mobilize) is also intended as affordable transportation in developing countries.  This application aligns with the mission of IAT which is “To drive life-change through basic transport and enterprise by creating rural transport solutions which allow the poor to thrive in Africa and beyond”.

The price is $2995 plus tax and shipping costs.  Discounts are possible for large orders.  We offer a MOBI Kit which is priced at $2895 plus tax and shipping cost.  Allow extra time for shipping in 2020.

Important:  50% of your total order is due at the time of the order and the remaining 50% will be due prior to the expected shipping date.  See the Order page for the details.   

Make checks payable to “Institute for Affordable Transportation” and mail to:
Institute for Affordable Transportation
2750 Hanover Drive
Thompson’s Station, TN  37179

Call Ron at 615-238-4035 to place your order.

Here is our initial MOBI Hauler which has had several upgrades.




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The Mobi Hauler




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